the stars spotted from the codemaster's forest


the front layer of the forest
codemaster's seconde forest layer
the first layer of codemaster's forest
a close up grass from the codemaster's forest
a close up grass from the codemaster's forest
a close up grass from the codemaster's forest

My top

As a Full-stack developer and a long life learner, I combine my creativity, coding skills, and passion for design to create eye candy solutions for web and mobile applications. Focusing on user experience I aim to design and develop interfaces that are accessible to all.

preview of mywaypro project made my code master


Due to the minimalist design and flexibility, illustrations have become more and more used nowadays. MyWay Pro is a project designed and coded by me using the latest technologies. In addition to the minimalist look and corporate seriousness, this project also has a very strong SEO structure.


Collaboration with the fantastic team from TripleTwin to design the full UI and develop the new Trimiday app. Trimiday is an application that makes the ads more interesting by simply rewarding you for looking at them

preview of trimiday project made my code master
preview of codemaster project made my code master


Sometimes, the place where you can show all your creativity is your own project. CodeMaster is the branding created by me since my college years and is still one of my most creative projects with a unique and special reputation for me. This name represents my passion for design and programming. Enjoy!


A "Feel Good" app for the vegetarian community. The main goal of this application is to help the users follow a vegetarian or a vegan diet. The user can also track the nutrients accumulated daily to ensure a healthy diet

preview of veggierator project made my code master