The must have skills of a Full-Stack Developer

You can't take on 21st century tasks with 20th century tools and hope to get the job done. The following proves that I am aware and I understand the importance of the skills that a developer must have to achieve his full potential and to accomplish his dreams.


Evidence 1 - Desktop Wallpaper Calendar December & January

If my project portfolio hasn’t convinced you of my creativity here I invite you to explore the extra work I did outside the school. There were plenty of opportunities to show my creativity so I chose the most significant ones.

Let’s start with the Smashing Magazine competition, where designers and artists from across the globe got their ideas bubbling and creates unique and inspiring desktops wallpaper for every month of the year. I participated for December and January. Even if the December project was one made for school, I won the competition and my calendar can be found between the chosen Christmas Wallpaper Calendars of December 2016. Click here to check the Smashing Magazine page.

I didn’t have a targeted audience for this projects so I chose to play with my own fantasy. To empower my design and to create the right emotions I decided to create a storyline for each one of my design projects, a memory from my life. For the calendar of December I described a day of my childhood, a snowy winter day when the children were playing in the 2 feet tall snow without thinking about tomorrow.

sweet childhood memories a design by robert vaida / codemaster
wake up, it is time to study a design by robert vaida / code master

This motivated me a lot about my design skills and that’s why I decided to participate also for the next month competition in January with a new story concept and a more simplistic flat design containing a lot more space for desktop icons. A project made to prove to myself that the winning of the December calendar was not a coincidence. You can visit here the Smashing Magazine page to see my work. I developed both of my projects using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

As a result, I realized that creating an emotion with the right colors and describing the story of your design are the most important things in creating a unique experience for the audience. I also learned that designer’s layout directly affects how the audience responds to, understand and remember information. The design, functionality and content of a project as such all work together to deliver a user experience that hopefully results in the user gaining something from that experience.

website shiatsu manuella design by robert vaida / code master


Evidence 1 - Massage Salon Website

Before beginning my studies at Thomas More University, I was contacted by a friend to help a massage salon redesigning its website. After gaining some experience during my first-year bachelor degree I decided to take on the challenge.

The current website was losing customers due to a bad user experience. So, after a long research I decided to go for a fresh new website from scratch by giving him a colorful aspect. I applied everything I learned to deliver the most unique experience possible. To reach my final design I used different programing languages like: JavaScript (jQuery), HTML, CSS but also programs to craft icons and edit images like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

sweet childhood memories a design by robert vaida / codemaster

Like I said the research was one of the important things in this project so I took my job very seriously in investigation the possible audience which can occur. Feel free to check out the difference between the old and new version of the website. You can visit the old website here and the new website here.

A developer career starts from the first day of school. So, this project not only boosted my experience in my career but it also gave me the opportunity to work with a real client.

sweet childhood memories a design by robert vaida / codemaster
Evidence 2 - The Creativity Gym

On the 22nd of December 2016, my school organized a feedback day, a day where every student has the opportunity to receive feedback from other students, teachers and even employers from external companies. Even more, they created a voting system so that the students can vote for their favorite web designer, web developer, websites, and more other projects.

I participated with some of my works, however I have been voted for the best redesign of the creativity gym (our room of inspiration, a room used by students for brainstorming) and for the best portfolio website together with a fellow student.

In a short time, the current design of the website of our creativity room will be replaced with the design made by me. This project will give me the opportunity to experience the development at a higher level and will give me the experience I need to reach the required skills for my feature job.

You can find the website if you follow this link (The Creativity Gym)


Evidence 1 - Business cards & Gift cards for Kapsalon Rita

3 weeks after I started my bachelor degree I have been contacted by a client to design business cards for him. This client owns a hairdresser salon in Vilvoorde. I accepted the offer without any doubt.

Before starting to work on this new project, I first met my client to discuss, clarify and validate critical elements of my work: customer persona’s, colors, template, fonts and more personal things that my client wishes for the business cards. I even visited the hairdresser to craft my work with precision.

After my research, I also proposed my client to help him design gift cards, which surely can help to increase his income by adding a more personal touch to his promotion efforts.

Kapsalon Rita gift cards a design by robert vaida / code master
Kapsalon Rita gift cards a design by robert vaida / code master 2
Evidence 2 - School events Interactive Multimedia Design

The school events are the perfect place to create new connections or to expand the connections that you already have. Even from the start of the academy year I knew about the IMD Events and I looked forward to the day when I will finally be a part of it.

I joined IMD Cafe and IMD Invites this academy year and it was nothing less than I expected. Because It was my first year I needed an opportunity to expand my connections inside the school and to meet creative people. I learned from this experience to rich out of my box, to step away from my comfort zone and to know more people.

codemaster at IMD Invites
codemaster at IMD Cafe 4


Evidence 1 - IMD Hackathon 2017

We all know already that teamwork is the key to success in most realms of life and business. Only through teamwork can we combine different, complementary points of view to identify and seize hidden synergy opportunities, overcome difficult obstacles and achieve challenging objectives.

So I decided together with 4 fellow creative students to arrange an Hackathon event where multimedia students will work together to accomplish some fun, design / code challenges.

After a couple of meetings we decided to change the way that a Hackathon normally goes and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

photo of the codemaster's slack conversation
image with the banner and the landing pagina of the IMD Hackathon 2017
Facebook conversation with Hackathon IMD crew

Instead of focusing on that side of the event where you are sitting in a dark place with a short deadline and forcing you to come with an revolutionary idea, we made a crazy event with free drinks and funny challenges.

For me was this event also a challenge. And I learned from this Hackathon to work better with my team, to respect the responsabilities that we all have and to deliver the best work possible before the deadline is reached.